Community Gardens

NEAT currently has three active community gardens in the North End of Middletown.

Ferry Street

Our first Garden, started almost 20 years ago, and now on it’s second location on Ferry Street. Get started here to be involved!

Portland Street 

Our newest, and smallest garden. 


Erin Street

Our Largest, and most active Garden. Get connected to the team here!

Want to Garden?  You can! 

Depending on where you live, you can garden at the Erin Street Community Garden, the Macdonough School Community Garden or the new Ferry Street Community Garden.  Email us if you’re interested.

Over the years, NEAT has boasted a few community gardens, The Ferry Street Community Garden (FSCG), the Erin Street Community Garden (ESCG), and has been a partner garden to the Macdonough School community, all which serve(d) different smaller neighborhoods within the greater North End.  The Erin Street site is in its fifth year and is thriving, while the Ferry Street site was moved to make way for new apartments on Ferry Street.   As of 2011, NEAT is starting a new community garden on Ferry Street, though, so stay tuned to see what progess will be made there…or get involved!


The Ferry Street Community Garden was started in 1999 as a way to create attractive community open space available for use by North End residents and truly became a focal point of the neighborhoods east of Main Street. 

Over the past two years, NEAT has founded the Erin Street Community Garden on the corner of Erin and High Streets in the North End.  Now, many seasons in, the Erin Street site has also become a center for community activity and connections.  It hosts over 30 plots, worked by residents, neighbors, community groups and children. 

Erin Street Community Garden:


Over the years, a team of enthusiastic North End residents have transformed the corner of High Street and Erin Street into an oasis of beauty.  The City of Middletown has made the lot available to NEAT, Middletown Police and Public Works removed junk cars and debris, Baldwin Lawn Furniture has donated an arbor to place at the entrance to the site, the EPPCO/Ferguson Company of Newington has donated a hydrant which was installed by personnel from the Water and Sewer Department.  The Middlesex County Community Foundation and the Middletown Garden Club have provided financial support for the project and volunteers from the Middlesex Master Gardener Program are providing technical support. 

Children attending the Green Street Arts Center are working a plot along with residents from Mazzotta Place, Pearl Street, Erin Street, Lincoln Street and beyond.   This year, we also have a plot that is being worked by the folks from the St.Vincent de Paul community.  They are a welcome addition to our gardening community.