Our Mission

The North End Action Team (NEAT) is a community-based organization whose mission is to empower residents and stakeholders to participate in and advocate for the interests of the North End neighborhood within Middletown, Connecticut. The purpose of NEAT is to provide an organizational structure from which to identify compelling neighborhood concerns, encourage participation among residents/stakeholders, to identify and develop indigenous leadership, to initiate grassroots advocacy, to effect solutions to neighborhood issues and to develop resources.

Our Newsletter

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Current Initiatives

Mutual Aid in Middletown

“We Need Each Other.”

NEAT is proud to be working with a multi-generational coalition of Middletown residents who are coming together to create a mutual aid network for the community. This is intended to be a resource-sharing network for local people during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

What are some ways to get involved?

  1. Join our Facebook group, where we will provide Zoom links for our Collective meetings. Anyone can post in the group to discuss what they see as priority needs for themselves or others, what we should be focusing on, and resources we may have to offer to each other.
  2. Every Saturday afternoon from 12 to 4 PM, volunteers are at the NEAT office to facilitate a pick-up and drop-off zone for donated goods. Give if you can and ask if you need. Priority donations include toiletries and cleaning products. Shoot us an email if you’d like to stop by to donate or receive!
  3. Donate or request aid from our Direct Cash Assistance program. We are giving direct cash grants to area residents with indicated need. No proof or income checks required. This program will be running as long as need is presented.
  4. Share our flyers!